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CARBON PLUS SET TO INVEST Rp1.8 trillion IN HTI. British mining company Carbon+ plans to invest Rp1.8 trillion (US$180 million) in the forestry sector in cooperation with local partner PT Usaha Tani Lestari, an official of the forestry ministry said.  Carbon+ will build industrial timber estates (HTI) over 176,272 hectares of forest lands in East and West Nusatenggara, Forestry Production Director General Hadi Daryanto said.  Hadi said Cabon+ will add to two foreign investors already securing the license to build HTI in the country including PT Taiyoung Engreen and PT Inni Joa both from South Korea.  The two Korean companies planned to invest a total of Rp720 billion to build HTI over 30,000 hectares of land each.  Hadi said Carbon+ also already secured approval and is now in the process of preparing analysis of environmental impact (Amdal).

MITRA RAJASA ACQUIRES 22.5% OF PANGANSARI. PT Mitra Rajasa Tbk has acquired 22.50% of PT Pangansari Utama, which operates in fuel service business and processing industry. By June 5, 2009, Morgan Stanley held 759.37 million shares of Mitra Rajasa. The shareholders of the company include PT Mitra Murni Expressindo as a 7.346% owner, PT Intikencana Panajati a 6.45% owner, Heronswood Assets Managemen Ltd 5.24% with the public owning 61.78%. Mitra Rajasa also plans to wholly take over PT Realita Jaya Mandiri and PT Masindo Artha Resources at a total price of around US$40 million. PT Realita Jaya Mandiri operates in mining business and holds mining licenses with concession of 1,598 hectares in the regency of Musi Banyuasin, South Sumatra. PT Masindo Artha Resources is holder of mining authority over 5,600 hectares and another area 4,400 hectares in the regency of Musi Banyuasin.

MORATEL INVESTING US$40 MILLION IN SUBMARINE CABLE PROJECT. PT Mora Telematika Indonesia (Moratel) will invest at least US$40 million in a submarine   optic cable project that would link Malaysia with Batam, Dumai, and Jakarta. Moratel will allocate US$40 million   of US$50 million for the project to be completed in August 2009. The 380 kilometer cable will provide connection between submarine optic and inland optic cables extending between Batam-Dumai and Dumai-Melaka. This project also includes development of optic transmission of Dense Wavelenght Division Multiplexing (DWDM) between Dumai and Jakarta through Palembang, Kalianda, and Anyer. Earlier in 2008, Moratel built a backbone network with the technology of DWDM with initial capacity of 80 Gbps (gigabit per second) 2,600 km in length in Java and submarine cable between Batam and Singapore.  In this project Moratel cooperated with PT Ketrosden Triasmitra. The company imported submarine optic cables from Germany's Norddeutsche Seekabelwerke (NSW) and bought inland cables from Communication Cable System Indonesia. With a landing right in Malaysia through Telekom Malaysia, the submarine cable communication systems of Moratel will serve as an alternative gate, which has so far been controlled by circuit in Singapore and Malaysia.

BERCA ENTERS TELECOMMUNICATIONS BUSINESS. PT Berca Hardayaperkasa has been declared winner of a tender for Wimax or broad band internet at 14 band block of 2.3 GHz marking the start of the company to enter telecommunication business.  This company controls zone 2 in   central part of Sumatra, zone 3 in southern part of Sumatra, zone 8 in Bali and Nusa Tenggara, zone 13 in western part of Kalimantan and zone 14 in eastern part of Kalimantan.  The Office of the Communications and Information Minister will receive Rp 87728 billion this year from the result of the recent auction of broadband wireless access (BWA) or WiMax in 15 zones. The winners of tenders will pay up front fee amounting to Rp 438.64 billion and operation right cost (BHP) for the first year at Rp 438.64 billion. The BHP fund is to be paid annually to the government. The largest  payment  at Rp 145.4 billion  will be made by PT Berca , which controls   six  potential  zones  of 15 zones offered  and won one block in  each of  two other zones. The second largest payment will come from PT First Media, which succeeded in winning zone 4 in Banten, Jakarta, Bogor, Tanggerang, and Bekasi with an offer of Rp 101.21 billion for a block plus one block in zone 1 with an offer of Rp 7.2 billion.

PLN SECURES A LOAN OF Rp11 TRILLION. PT Perusahaan Listrik Negara (Persero) has secured a subsidiary loan agreement (SLA) valued at Rp11 trillion in 2009 to finish the construction of a number of power plants and transmission system. The loan will be provided by Asian Development Bank, the World Bank and the Japanese government through Japan Bank for International Cooperation. The fund will be needed to finish work under its crash program to build coal fired power plant with a total capacity of 10,000 megawatts. Among the projects are PLTGU Muara Tawar, Repowering, and PLTGU Tanjung Priok, PLTU Lahendung unit 3, PLTU Ulu Belu, PLTU Keramasan Ekspansi, PLTA Asahan 3, PLTA Pasangan Aceh, and transmission networks all over the country. Meanwhile, PLN will hold tender for the construction of a US$1 billion new unit of its PLTGU Muara Tawar combine cycle power plant in Bekasi.  PLN Planning and Technology Director Bambang Praptono said the new unit, PLTGU Muara Tawar Add-On will have a capacity of 1,200 MW is to be completed in 2012. It would   increase the capacity of PLTGU Muara Tawar to 2,600 MW

MANDALA OPERATES TWO MORE UNITS OF A320 AIRCRAFT. Mandala Airlines said it will receive delivery of two more Airbus A320 aircraft in September in time to meet expected surge in the number of passengers ahead of Idulfitri.     The two aircraft are part of 30 units of A320 and A319 planes ordered by the airline in 2007.     The two 180-seat capacity aircraft are expected to arrive in the country 1 or 2 weeks before Idulfitri celebrations, head of Mandala corporate communications Trisia Megawati KD said.  Currently the airline operates 11 units of Airbus aircraft with 3.9 million passengers in 2008, Megawati said.     She said load factor was around 85% in low season and 90% in high season.  The airline  said it was  in talks with several regional airlines to form a code sharing alliance by year's end ahead  the  regional "open sky" agreement  to comes into force in 2015.  If the plan comes to reality, Mandala would become the first Indonesian budget airline to form such partnership with a regional carrier, its President Diono Nurjadin said.   Code sharing would allow Indonesian travelers to fly budget airline from outlying cities to major destinations around the region all on one ticket.

ADARO TO BUILD US$52 MLM POWER PLANT. Publicly traded energy company PT Adaro Energy will soon carry out plan to build a US$52 million power generating project.  Devibdra Ratzarwin, the corporate secretary of the country's second largest coal producer said the power plant will be needed to power its conveyor belts that will carry coal from the mine to piling places.  Construction of the power plant will start this year, Devindra was quoted as saying.   He said the company plans to invest US$259 million this year including on the power generating project.   The company will also use the capital expenditure to widen the Barito rive in South Kalimantan and build other infrastructure projects, he said.

FOTON TO BUILD CAR FACTORY IN INDONESIA. Beiqi Foton Motor Co Ltd will build a car factory in Indonesia to back up its global plan to take domination in the Asia Pacific market. Dong Haiyang, Vice President of Beiqi Foton Motor Co. Ltd , also a the General Manager of Foton International Trade Co Ltd  said his company is interested in increasing its investment by phases in Indonesia  as it sees the country a big and important market in the Asia Pacific region.  The largest commercial car maker in China hopes to grab a 2% share of his car market in Indonesia in the next three years.  In starting its investment in Indonesia, Foton will team up with two local partners to sharpen its market penetration in Indonesia. The local partners are PT Foton Mobilindo which will supports in distribution, sales and construction of factory; and PT Foton Indonesia, which will import Foton heavy trucks. In providing support in market penetration, PT Foton Mobilindo will provide a budget of US$300,000 to build spare part facility for all Foton products in Indonesia, including networks of spare part outlets in Jakarta, East Java and Kalimantan.

July 2009
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