Established in 1978, PT Data Consult is a pioneer in the marketing research  and market intelligence services in Indonesia. The company  is a fully integrated market research company dedicated to the provision of world class research in Indonesia.

DATA CONSULT has been serving companies in Europe, the USA, ASIA and Australia since its incorporation. The company has been selected by ITC/UNCTAD-GATT Geneva, as a consultant capable to export their services in a project to enhance South to South and South to North trade development. Since 1985 ITC/UNCTAD-GATT has provided technical assistance for promoting DATA CONSULT's services in European countries and United States. The company has been involved in various research project funded by The Asian Development and World Bank.

DATA CONSULT's experiences in collecting and presenting information and reports nearly over two decades provides both an extensive data base of industries, companies and general economic indicators as well as detailed knowledge of how to obtain the information.

DATA CONSULT has establish networks of reliable sources in several government departments, business association, manufacturing circles and statistics offices in Jakarta and other regions of Indonesia. We have also good relation with several information sources overseas

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